With the recent Covid-19 trends in the Tri-County area, our church has returned to our Phase 3 safety protocols for our worship and campus activities. Here are the updated protocol details:

  • Worship
    • The Sanctuary services will become “mask optional” services, including singing.
    • We have resumed "masked" video services in the MPR.
    • We will have resumed regular worship elements, such as, passing the offering plates and registration pads, having “A Time Mostly for Children” at the altar rail, sharing in a greeting, enjoying coffee in the Fellowship Hall, etc.
    • We will continue to stream the 8:30 a.m. worship service on YouTube. You may watch that service live or anytime following the service.
  • Facility
    • Walking throughout our campus is now “mask optional.”
    • As we did under our Phase 2 protocols, adult and student Sunday School classes, small groups, committees, and outside groups are allowed to determine if their group will mask or not.
  • Student Ministry
    • Students will mirror our “mask optional” worship services by asking students to mask when singing.
  • KIDS Ministry
    • We are currently following the guidelines the Mississippi Department of Health with our children.
    • With recent updates from the Mississippi Department of Health and our local schools and due to the current Covid-19 statistics, our KIDS Ministry Team has decided to go to Phase 3 protocols for our KIDS Ministry. Children will be "mask optional" throughout the campus and in their classrooms.
  • Wednesdays at Madison
    • We do ask that you continue to eat with family or close friends for the supper.
  • Church Office
    • Our staff will continue to mask in the hallways but not in their offices. Please let the staff person know if you would prefer them to mask while meeting with them.
    • For security reasons and when many staff are out of the office, the office doors may be locked. Please press the front door button for admittance.
  • Health Reminders
    • Individuals with serious underlying health conditions, and those whose immune systems are compromised, are still encouraged to stay at home and worship with us online. 
    • Those who have a fever and/or feel sick should stay at home and worship with us online.
    • Please sanitize your hands when you enter and exit the building.
    • Anyone who is under a quarantine or has been exposed to someone with COVID-19 should refrain from attending services and worship with us online.
    • The Mississippi Department of Health continues to recommend masking for those who are unvaccinated.

Thank you for your continued patience, prayers, and support through this long season!