Madison UMC has a designated mission day on SATURDAY, April 14th with an extra day, April 13th, Friday, for those who want to go a day early and sleep over night. This is an intergenerational mission opportunity where children as young as 7 years old (must be accompanied by a parent or adult responsible for their care) can join students, parents, grandparents, and other adults at Madison UMC to do the work of the Lord in the Mississippi Delta.

There are four important ways you can PARTICIPATE in this mission:

  • (1) PRAY for the missioners, the mission project, and those served;
  • (2) SPONSOR the missioners and mission project financially, whether you can go serve or not. If possible, we are requesting each adult missioner (17 years old & up) to pay a $45 per person mission fee  to provide construction/ministry funds plus $5 per person for lunch. There is no mission fee for Kids/Students 7 years old to 16 years old accompanied by a parent or grandparent but we do ask for $5 per kid/student to cover lunch cost. However, if that is truly a stretch, please contact Carolyn Schussler. 
  • (3) PREPARE food for the missioners for lunch and snacks; and, 
  • (4) GO SERVE as a missioner (please sign-up below).

There will be a church van available for church members to ride up together from MUMC to Delta Grace on Friday and Saturday.  You can also drive up on your own but highly recommend trying to ride along with the team in the church van.

PLEASE SIGN-UP by MARCH 23, 2018 with a commitment to serve and what skills you have (see online submission form below).  The number of team members who sign up along with skill levels we have available and including the financial support we obtain helps determine the work projects we can do.

Having a mission budget estimate (based on the $45 fee along with our 2018 Missions budget) and awareness of available skills are crucial to determining the work project(s) that can be done. For more information, please contact team leader Carolyn Schussler (cschuss093@gmail.com).

Please FILL OUT the form below and click SUBMIT to sign-up for service.