We have launched a new ministry called NEW DOOR for our new members and visitors. Our aim is that it will be a helpful way for you to CONNECT to the people, staff, history, mission, and ministries of MUMC. It is held at 9:45 am in the Multi-Purpose room on the 2nd floor and at the north end of our new education building. We offer this event periodically.

Each event is intended to stand alone rather than being an ongoing class or group. However, we anticipate doing a special focus at subsequent gatherings (for instance, perhaps focusing on introducing people to our Student ministry or Kids ministry or Missions). So, some of you may want to come back in the future to learn more.

You will get introduced to some of our staff and the ministry areas to which they relate. There will be an opportunity for you to ask questions. We will also share further information you can take home and explore on your own time about various ministry opportunities.

The (New) Door is wide open…we would love to have you step inside.