We have just started a new Sunday School class for parents. It is led by Steve & Betsy Potter and other guest teachers. This class will focus on growing in our relationship with God, and learning to love and serve God, our spouses, our children, and others. We will be studying, discussing, and applying the Bible and an occasional biblically based book/ study on marriage and/or parenting.

Class Makeup: Parents of children, birth to graduation, who are seeking to grow in their faith, their marriage and their parenting.

Location: Room 415 (2nd Floor Education Bldg.) Start Time: 9:45 am

Mission Statement: We seek to grow in our love for God, our spouses, our children, and others through bible study, life application, prayer, and discussion.

Teaching: A mix of content and discussion based on bible study and occasional book/study on marriage and/ or parenting.

Current Study: Looking at who God is and his design for faith and family.

Missions and activities: TBA as this is a brand new class

Contacts: Steve Potter (steve@madisonumc.org / (601) 573-2144) & Betsy Potter (betsteve98@gmail.com / (601) 506-2708)