We are compiling a list of interested MUMC members for the 2nd year to sponsor to go through the WESLEY INSTITUTE.

WI is a 2-track program at Wesley Biblical Seminary geared to make available solid Biblical and theological training to interested lay persons.

WBS is a trusted, evangelical seminary in the Wesleyan tradition in Jackson, MS that emphasizes the authority of the whole Bible as God's inspired Word and the capacity of the grace of the Triune God to renew us in holiness.

If you are willing to teach even a little bit (in adult, Kids, and Student ministry), MUMC would be willing to sponsor you with a half scholarship.

Track 1 is the 9-month Bible Overview program (Sept-May). You will be given an overview of the content, structure, and major themes of each of the 66 books of the Bible.

Track 2 is the Theology and Apologetics program (Sept.-May) where you will learn key theological themes/doctrines in Scripture and Christian tradition along with reasons for their truthfulness and how to defend them in a world filled with other religions and philosophies.

Participation in each program is highly flexible. You can: 1) attend class live and in-person at WBS's campus on County Lind Rd. (Tuesday mornings - 5:45-7:45 am); 2) watch the class sessions live via Zoom; or, 3) watch the recordings of the class sessions on-demand at a time and place that is more convenient for you. The next term will begin right after Labor Day in September, and sign-ups can be sent in right up until the term starts.

If you have attended Track 1 already, we would consider sponsoring you for Track 2. If this is your 1st time to participate, we would sponsor you for Track 1.

The cost per student for churches with at least 10 students will be $400 (with MUMC paying for half). We sponsored 17 students for the 2021-2022 term and hope to have a similarly large cohort for 2022-2023.

Interested? Have questions? Want to be added to the list for sponsorship? Please email Ben Butler (ben@madisonumc.org) or call him at the church office (601-856-6058).