Our church family has been discussing denominational concerns for the past four years.

  • Since 2018 we have had a dedicated webpage about those issues and General Conference developments ( In 2019 and in 2022 our Administrative Council organized Town Halls, Sunday School, and small group meetings with our pastor, as well as periodic announcements in worship, and more.
  • This past June our Administrative Council developed a sub-committee to look more seriously at several concerns about our denomination and from their work the Administrative Council called for an Exploration Meeting with conference leadership to hear more about disaffiliating from our denomination.

After reviewing both the Annual Conference’s Zoom webinar and our church’s recent Exploration Meeting, the Administrative Council voted on Sunday, October 16, to continue the process by entering into a period of discernment about disaffiliation from our denomination.

What’s Next?

This process will be held over several months and there will be opportunities throughout it for the Administrative Council to pause the process.

  • We created a new website ( and resource guide that provides timeline information, concerns about doctrinal, disconnection, and distrust issues, and what our denomination has also stated about those issues.
  • Our Administrative Council is asking Sunday Schools, small groups, and individuals to invite our pastor and members of our sub-committee to visit with them to hear your questions, listen to your concerns, and share information. We also are holding Coffee & Conversations events in November and January.
  • For the annual conference to approve a church’s disaffiliation at their June 2023 meeting, a churchwide vote about disaffiliation must occur before March 31, 2023.
  • If our church were to disaffiliate, we have a sub-committee studying options for where we would go denominationally, and our church would get to vote on that.

Our church is a loving church, a serving church, and a discipling church.

As we go through this process, it is our Council’s hope that we will be loving and patient with one another and with this process.

Here is a timeline for hearing your questions and concerns, for sharing information with you, and for our next steps as an Administrative Council in the discernment process:

Next Steps Information Packet and Website – November 14

o We will amend the web version of this information packet and reprint it and place it at the sanctuary entrances and church office when there are significant updates.

o Please visit our website ( and check the time stamps on our printed materials for those updates.

Upcoming Coffee & Conversation meetings

o November 27, January 8, and January 15 (Sanctuary – 2:30-3:30 p.m.)

o November 30 (Fellowship Hall Room 201 [upstairs] – 6:00-6:55 p.m.)

o Each of these meetings will have the same content and format, as will the upcoming Sunday School class meetings, so please try to attend one of these events when you can.

Sunday School class Coffee & Conversation meetings – November, January, and February

o Email us at to schedule a Coffee & Conversation meeting for your class or small group.

· Congregational Email Pulse Survey – January 15-22

Annual Conference Bible Study – January 18 (Sanctuary – 6:00 p.m.)

Administrative Council meeting – January 23

We will keep our eyes on Christ who will sustain us through this season and on the ministry and mission with which He has blessed us. Please contact our Senior Pastor, our Administrative Council chairperson, Wil Crawford, and our Lay Leaders, Olivia Martin and John Smith, with any questions or concerns.