Hey MUMC Family, Friends, and Guests!

We want to resource you for your time at home and give you tools to connect with Sunday School classes, Bible study groups, and Discipleship Groups. PLEASE SEE the THREE ITEMS below for information on setting up and joining online video conferencing for classes/groups AND current and upcoming online resources for study and encouragement in Christ. PLEASE CONTACT Ben Butler if you have questions of need info (ben@madisonumc.org).


  1. DOWNLOAD Zoom app for your computer or smartphone (Go to https://zoom.us/download to get the app, Zoom Client for Meetings [computer] or scroll down further for smartphone app versions)
  2. CLICK ON the link/url you received from the leader who set-up/hosts the meeting; you may have to use a password to be admitted and perhaps wait in a "waiting room" until the host/administrator brings you into the meeting. These are security precautions to screen out any persons who might disrupt the videoconference.

What If I Am Not Currently in a Class/Group, or Mine Is Not Meeting Online?

Please email Ben Butler (ben@madisonumc.org) if you want to know which classes are meeting online and how you can connect with one.


TO SIGN-UP to be a Host:

  1. Go to  https://www.zoom.us/
  2. Click "Plans & Pricing" on horizontal menu bar across top of the page (laptop/desktop view) or under the menu tab (if viewing mobile).
  3. Click "Sign Up, It's Free" for the BASIC Plan
  4. Enter your email address and click the blue "Sign Up" button
  5. Check your inbox and follow prompts to complete sign-up process

To HOST a Meeting:

  1. From Laptop/Desktop: Go to  https://zoom.us/download and download Zoom Client for Meetings
  2. From Smart Phone (iPhone or Android): these can also be found at https://zoom.us/download, or search for zoom in the App Store or Google Play and install on your device
  3. Sign-In/Log-in: go to  https://zoom.us/signin or use "Start Zoom" short cut/app icon, then use the email and password with which you set-up your Zoom account to get in
  4. Click on "Schedule Meeting" (This is on the "home" page, so you may have to click on the "house" icon)
  5. Name TOPIC by Your Sunday School Class Name ("Journey of Faith," "Faithbuilders," "Good News," etc.) or Small Group Leader (Ben & Melissa Butler Wed Nt D-Group)
  6. Set start date, time, and time zone
  7. Click "Recurring Meeting," or you can reuse this one-time meeting url for subsequent meetings
  8. Click "Generate Automatically" for MEETING ID
  9. MEETING PASSWORDS are now required
  10. For VIDEO, click "On" for both Hosts and Participants
  11. For AUDIO, click "Telephone and Computer Audio"
  12. For CALENDAR, click on whatever you have; if you don't know, click "Other Calendars"
  13. Click on ADVANCED OPTIONS; checkmark "enable join before host" and "mute participants on entry"
  14. Finally, click the blue "Schedule" button to complete
  15. Click on the "Meetings" tab at the top of your Zoom home screen
  16. Click on the meeting you scheduled on the left side of the window
  17. Click the "Copy Invitation" button
  18. Paste the copied invitation into an email or text to send out to folks; as long as they have downloaded the app to their laptop/desktop, tablet, or smart phone, all they will have to do to join the meeting is click on this url/link
  19. Once you are in the meeting, you will need to "Join Audio (Call via Device Audio, or Dial in)" and "Start Video"; when you are not speaking, you will want to mute audio (you can swipe right to see a "Tap to Speak/Done Speaking" button)


  • We recently announced our church's subscription to RIGHT NOW MEDIA at our March 22 worship service. You should have received an email invite with a login/access for that on March 22 and the two following Sundays. You also might need to check your email’s Spam folder for that. Please email Rev. Ben Butler (ben@madisonumc.org) if you have not received an email from Right Now Media. This subscription has all kinds of children's videos, small group curriculum, Christian entertainment, personal Bible study helps, the 2020 IF Gathering videos, and more. We even have our Madison UMC Custom Library with some suggestions you might find helpful (Parents and kids may find especially fun the Yancy & Friends - Little Praise Party music videos!).
  • We have an account with GRACE MINISTRIES that you can view online from home (https://grace101.org/login.htm). Use “madisonumc” both for the username and password. Crisis 101, Worship 101 (hymn stories with accompaniment), and Family 101 (a study on the Bible's "one another" teachings) might be of special interest among the video study options.