We have started a new campaign to reenergize existing groups and form new groups through our Wednesdays At Madison ministry. For information on how to connect with a small group, please email Ben Butler (ben@madisonumc.org).
We started the new year of mid-week small group ministry with a fellowship and informational gathering on August 17. Andy Miller III attended that meeting and introduced his study on the New Testament book of Jude. We began the CONTENDER study on August 24 (Large Group to watch videos in Fellowship Hall Room 204; Breakout Group time for discussion in adjacent Rooms 201, 206, 207, and/or 208). It is not too late to join a group and to be a part of this study.
Discipleship Groups are intended to be groups of no more than 12 people in covenant with one another to DO LIFE TOGETHER and be built as faithful DISCIPLES OF JESUS CHRIST. As such, group members seek to become fully committed to the person, life, and teachings of Jesus Christ as they grow in the marks of discipleship (continually turning from sin and evil, fully trusting Christ as Savior & his grace poured out for us, fully surrendering to follow Christ as Lord, and developing a discipleship lifestyle of prayers, presence, gifts, service, and witness under the guidance and power of the Holy Spirit).

Please FILL-OUT and SUBMIT the form below if you want to know more about available Discipleship Groups, participating in the CONTENDER kick-off study, and how you can explore becoming part of a group.