"Building Faithful Disciples, Serving Jesus Christ"

And Jesus came and said to them, “All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me. GO therefore and MAKE DISCIPLES OF ALL NATIONS, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you. And behold, I am with you always, to the end of the age.” (Matthew 28:18-20 ESV)


     A member of MUMC is someone who has entered a grace-based relationship with Jesus Christ as Lord, Savior, Teacher, and Friend (which is marked by ongoing repentance from sin and evil and wholehearted trust in Jesus Christ and his saving work in his life, death on the cross, and resurrection from the dead) and who is prepared to covenant with other members of the body of Christ at Madison UMC to live out 5 basic commitments of discipleship: Prayers, Presence, Gifts, Service, and Witness. We are each called to be servant-witnesses of Jesus Christ, faithfully exercising the spiritual gift(s) the Holy Spirit has given us as we witness to Jesus' saving love in word and deed. While our service and witness cannot be reduced to the ways we serve within MUMC and beyond it in organized missions efforts, these avenues are crucial to us growing in and expressing our discipleship.

     Please visit the links below to do two things: 1) ASSESS & SHARE the Spiritual Gifts the Holy Spirit has graciously given to you to minister to the Body of Christ and the world that God so loves; and, 2) EXPLORE & SUBMIT your callings and interests for living as a servant-witness of Jesus INSIDE the church (through Kids Ministries, Student Ministries, Connection Ministries, Congregational Care Ministries, Music Ministries, Prayer Ministries, &/or Ministry Teams) as well as OUTSIDE the church (through Missions).

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Ben Butler (ben@madisonumc.org).


Step #1: Assess & Share Your Spiritual Gifts


Step #2: Explore Service/Witness Opportunities & Submit Interests

  • Serving/Witnessing INSIDE the Church

madison umc childrens ministry logo

  • KIDS SUNDAY SCHOOL (Teach, Help)
  • KIDS WEDNESDAY NIGHTS (Art, Bible Drill, Games, Praise Time)
  • NURSERY VOLUNTEER (Infant, Crawler, Toddler)
  • VBS (June Each Year)

**To SUBMIT Kids Ministries Service/Witness Interests to Reneé Scales (Kids Ministry Director), CLICK HERE, and she will follow-up with you soon.


  • MEAL PROVIDERS (provide meals for Sunday night Student Worship)
  • SMALL GROUP LEADERS (lead a small group of students during small group time during Sunday night Worship)
  • SUNDAY MORNING CLASS TEACHERS (teach a grade level class on Sunday mornings)
  • RETREAT/TRIP CHAPERONES (spend an afternoon, weekend, or week with middle and/or high school students in a variety of retreat and mission/service opportunities)

**To SUBMIT Student Ministries Service/Witness Interests to Cory Phillips (Student Ministry Director), CLICK HERE, and he will follow-up with you soon.


  • CONNECTION MINISTRY TEAM (Team members meet once a month for 1 1/2 hours for Bible study and hands-on ministry planning to strengthen and expand church ministries including door greeters, ushers, lay guest contact/follow-up, Connection Center, New Door class, etc.) 
  • FELLOWSHIP PARTNER (Members of MUMC are paired with new members and guests to serve as hosts who Pray for, are Available to, Contact, and are an Example of discipleship to new people to MUMC to help them feel at home and connected to the opportunities for discipleship through MUMC)
  • DOOR GREETER (Serve once a month for 30 minutes at your assigned station, smile, warmly greet, open doors, offer assistance if needed or direct worshippers/guests to the Connection Center; those serving as "captains" for each shift will go to each station and make sure a greeter is in place, serving until they arrive for duty if necessary)
  • CONNECTION CENTER GREETER (Serve once a month for 30 minutes; greet people entering through the Atrium, answer questions, provide ministry information, escort visitors to areas of the church)
  • USHER (Serve once a month for 1 1/2 hours, arriving 20-25 minutes before service time, usher as required during service, and participate in clean-up duties following the service)
  • GUEST CONTACT VOLUNTEER (Pastor sends you a name and contact information via email; you would be responsible to contact the assigned guest via card, email, or phone; you would then log a brief summary into our church database via a hyperlink in the interaction email) 
  • NEW DOOR/NEW MEMBER CLASS TEAM (Serve 3-4 times a year, working with others to invite guests & members to the New Door Class and/or New Member Class; organize and set-up supplies, greet those attending the class, helping with sign-in/attendance, and attend the class (9:30-10:45 am); help with follow-up with class attendees)

**To SUBMIT Connection Ministries Service/Witness Interests to Rev. Ben Butler (Associate Pastor) & a member of the Connection Team, CLICK HERE, and one of them will follow-up with you soon.


  • VISITATION (homebound, nursing home, assisted living)
  • MEAL DELIVERY (Wednesday evening, freezer meals)
  • CARD MINISTRY (meets midday monthly to send cards to persons who are homebound, in a nursing home or assisted living)
  • CONGREGATIONAL CARE MINISTRY TEAM (help plan & coordinate the CC ministry; meets approximately quarterly)
**To SUBMIT Congregational Care Ministries Service/Witness Interests to Rev. Linda Rickman (Pastor of Congregational Care & Prayer), CLICK HERE, and she will follow-up with you soon.
  • ADULT CHANCEL CHOIR (rehearses Wednesday 7:10-8:30 pm, sings in both Sunday morning services)
  • INSTRUMENTALISTS (piano, guitar, bass, drums, percussion,  trumpet, trombone, flute, strings, etc.)
  • CELEBRATE RECOVERY WORSHIP TEAM (Celebrate Recovery Worship Team -- instrumentalists and singers…Tuesdays 5:30-7:30 pm)
  • KIDS CHOIR: SONSHINE (1st-5th graders, rehearses Wednesday 5:45-6:10 pm)
  • KIDS CHOIR: SONBEAMS (2 1/2 years thru K-5, rehearses during Wednesday night class @ 6:15 pm)

**To SUBMIT Music & Worship Ministries Service/Witness Interests to Lori Blount (Music Ministries Director) & Rev. Barry Male (Senior Pastor), CLICK HERE, and one of them will follow-up with you soon.


  • PRAY IN PRAYER ROOM ("Two or More" Prayer Ministry: 2 or more persons to pray in the prayer room on Sunday mornings)
  • PRAY IN PRAYER ROOM (Weekday Prayer Room Warriors: pray in the prayer room 1 day a week for atleast 15 minutes, Monday-Friday)
  • PRAYER SHAWL MINISTRY (knit or crochet prayer shawls for ill members, family, or friends)
  • PRAYER MINISTRY E-MAIL TEAM (receive prayer request emails; may also send prayer cards or "prayer grams" to those persons)
  • PRAYER MINISTRY LEADERSHIP TEAM (to plan and carryout prayer ministries and events)

**To SUBMIT Prayer Ministries Service/Witness Interests to Rev. Linda Rickman (Pastor of Congregational Care & Prayer), CLICK HERE, and she will follow-up with you soon.


  • CHRISTIAN FORMATION TEAM (provides leadership that helps our MUMC faith family grow in discipleship)
  • CONGREGATIONAL CARE MINISTRY TEAM (help plan & coordinate the CC ministry; meets approximately quarterly)
  • CONNECTION TEAM (provides leadership that helps people "connect" to Christ & the MUMC faith family)
  • DISCIPLESHIP GROUPS TEAM (provides leadership to grow & expand the ministry of Discipleship Groups)
  • KIDS MINISTRY LEADERSHIP TEAM (provides leadership to plan & carryout kids ministries)
  • MEN'S MINISTRY TEAM (provides leadership for Fight Club & related ministry initiatives)
  • OUTREACH TEAM (provides leadership to help the MUMC faith family serve others outside the church)
  • PRAYER MINISTRY LEADERSHIP TEAM (to plan and carryout prayer ministries and events)
  • STUDENT MINISTRY LEADERSHIP TEAM (provides leadership to plan & carryout student ministries)
  • WOMEN'S MINISTRY TEAM (to plan and carryout ministries and special events for women)

**To SUBMIT Ministry Team Service/Witness Interests to Rev. Ben Butler (Associate Pastor), CLICK HERE, and he will coordinate follow-up with the appropriate staff person.


  • Serving/Witnessing OUTSIDE the Church

**To SUBMIT Service/Witness Interests for Missions, CLICK HERE, and a point person from respective missions areas will follow-up with you soon.






  • Celebrate Recovery is a Christ-centered, 12 step recovery program for anyone struggling with hurt, pain or addiction of ANY kind. Celebrate Recovery is a safe place to find community and freedom from the issues that are controlling our life.
  • If God is speaking to you about this ministry, we have a need for people who are available on a weekly basis to:
    • Serve meals
    • Set up sound system and/or play music
    • Lead/assist small groups
  • Contact Rodger Wasson (601-460-0071) for more information


Moody Family Support
Missionaries to Honduras from Madison UMC
  • Be a part of supporting the Moody family (Todd, Katie, Andrew, Conner, & Wesley) personally & in the ministry to which the Lord has called them as they serve through Legacy Mission International
  • Serve in mission with the Moodys by being part of a MUMC mission team that travels to Honduras for a week in the summer (we plan to return in summer 2020)
  • Contact George Taylor (601-941-9767) & Tracey Barrett (601-502-6777) for more info



  • Meeting small home repairs and relational needs of the people in the Mississippi Delta
  • Opportunities for integenerational ministry (about ages 7 years old and up)
  • Contact Carolyn Schussler (904-403-5748) for more info



  • We hope to develop a pool of MUMC members who are interested in Early Response as well as Long-Term Recovery in Mississippi and perhaps beyond
  • Contact Ben Butler (601-856-6058) for more info


  • Work has included new home construction, rehabilitation of existing homes, and such things as landscaping
  • Contact David Coon (601-605-2455) for more info


  • We will be supporting outreach ministry with our Hispanic friends in Canton (which may include a Spring health fair & annual Christmas party/ministry)
  • Contact Peter Giroux (601-454-6008) for more info

  • In 2019, MUMC will be supporting Kairos Inside (women) & Kairos Outside, ministries for women who are incarcerated or affected by incarceration respectively
  • Contact Dianna Boring for Inside (850-708-4109) or Patsy McCarty for Outside (601-316-0753) for more info 


  • There are opportunities to provide non-perishable food items throughout the year & serve on Mondays & Wednesdays to distribute food to clients & prepare for the following week's distribution
  • Contact Bob Morgan (601-720-1772) for more info


  • Join a group that makes "plarn" (plastic yarn from cut strips of plastic shopping bags) sleeping mats for homeless friends 
  • Meets on Sundays at 3:30 pm - 5:00 pm in the Chapel Basement
  • Contact Donna Peyton (601-519-8002) for more information


  • We will be exploring how we can increase service opportunities, including skilled/manual labor as well as relational ministry
  • Dates/Opportunities To Be Determined
  • Contact Diane Goolsby (601-214-3726) for more info


  • We anticipate another annual shoe box packing drive in Fall of 2019
  • Contact Jackie Wilson (601-953-7455) for more info


  • We are budgeting for & will be planning an intergenerational food packaging event which will take place Spring 2020 in the Christian Life Center
  • Contact Kathy Long (601-466-0135) for more info 


  • The Salt & Light Mission Team will go to Honduras in June 2020
  • Ministries often include such things as medical, dental, VBS, teacher training, Women's Bible study, teen soccer ministry, construction, and evangelism
  • Contact Phil Hinton (601-940-9033) or Lisa Anglin (601-594-8939) for more info
  • Madison UMC began a covenant relationship with Global Missionary, Rev. Emily A. Everett in 2021.
  • She is a missionary with the General Board of Global Ministries. She serves with the Shade and Fresh Water Program in Brazil.
  • Shade and Fresh Water is a national network of after-school programs for at-risk children and teenagers across Brazil.
  • Contact Rev. Barry Male (601.955.3384) for more information about Emily and this ministry.


Why Not Now/Poindexter Park (Jackson, MS)

  • It is anticipated that a group from MUMC will be going once a month in 2020; occasionally, we pick up extra Sundays as well
  • There are opportunities to provide & serve food, help with set-up/other preparations, build relationships & share food with, and encourage our friends who are homeless or struggling economically
  • Contact Jay Atkinson (601-214-3726) for more info